Text 9 Nov

At any moment your ride could end.

Enjoy every moment of your life.

Text 26 Sep 1 note

We’re all just trying to survive.

Text 4 Sep Attention

I haven’t had time to write since the semester started but I promise to start posting again once I have more time.

Text 21 Aug 1 note Alone

We are all
Meant to be

Text 17 Aug

foreverinthewonderland said: Thanks for the follow! I like your writing style!

You’re welcome! And thanks! I enjoy reading your writings as well.

Anything that comes from the heart is beautiful.

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Text 16 Aug 1 note Seasons

Leaves changing colors

summer bids farewell tonight

the days grow shorter.

Text 16 Aug Spinning

Your presence
I can always feel it
there’s no escaping it.

Days go by
I follow new paths
trying to escape the pull
but end up in the same place.

My feelings
in a vortex
always draw me back.

Black holes are powerful
you’ve created one
attracting my feelings.

This pull I can’t escape. 

Text 15 Aug 6 notes A Special Person

Stop fooling yourself
we both know
how you really feel.

I can read you
the eyes never lie
fear and hope of love
yes, you’re afraid.

Come close,
take a chance.

Let’s forget the world
Let’s fall in love. 

Photo 14 Aug

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